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Tunnel “Perchina-M”

Soil covering square - 6,5 m2.
Greenhouse “Perchina-M” has double doors at it’s both ends.
Frame coverage is made of cellular polycarbonate.

Greenhouse "Perchina-M” dimensions:
width - 1,56 m;
height - 1,75 m;
length - 4,2 m.

Greenhouse frame is available in three packages weighing less than 40kg and dimensions:
1-st package – straight details and instructions: 1250x100x50mm.
2-nd package-details of arcs: 1250x220x50mm.
3-rd package - clamps and accessories: 650x100x100mm.

Frame:   (170 EUR)
Price including cellular polycarbonate:  (280 EUR)

New modern «PERCHINA-M PLUS» is a perfect greenhouse for growing cucumbers, peppers, aubergines
and herbs. Notwithstanding its low price and small sizes this greenhouse allows getting rich harvest even
in a modest-size garden. Each end of the «PERCHINA-M PLUS» has has a door with sealing profile that
ensures air-tightness of the greenhouse. Specially designed handle allows closing the doors from the

inside and the outside, also there is an open-door holder at each end.

Price including cellular polycarbonate:  (300 EUR)