Greenhouse “Novator-3”

Frame «Novator Premium -2.5m», «Novator Premium -3m»”: Spacing between arcs is 66cm.

Available width: 3m and 2.5m; height is 2.1m (for 3m wide); height is 2.4m (for 2.5m wide); length is from 4m. The set includes: arcs made of pipe 30x20 (bended at rib); basis made of pipe 30x30; two doors and two hinged ventilation panes at both ends; stakes; powder coating; metalware for frame assembling, and polycarbonate fasteners. Transportation amount of products: up to 100 pieces (3x6m)/trailer length is 12m.

Greenhouse "NOVATOR- 3” has two doorways on it’s opposite sides. Each one has a door and window.
Greenhouse has a cellular polycarbonate coverage and may be used in winter seasons also.

Greenhouses "Novator -3”/2,5m/ dimensions:
     width - 2,5m;
     height - 2,4m;
     length - 4,6,8...m;

Transportation weight: 82kg.

Price including cellular polycarbonate: 4m  (470,- EUR) basic block length 4m,extension insert 2m

                                                            6m (590,-EUR)

                                                            8m  (710,-EUR)

Greenhouses "Novator 3,0” /3,0m/dimensions:
     width - 3,0m;
     height - 2,1m;
     length - 4,6,8...m;

Price including cellular polycarbonate: 4m  (490,- EUR)

                                                            6m (615,-EUR)

                                                            8m  (740,-EUR)