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Greenhouse “Dachnaja-2DU”

Soil covering square - 18,3 m2.
Greenhouse "Dachnaja-2DU" has 2 doors and windows on it’s both ends.
This greenhouse version is designed for installation in open areas with strong winds. The frame consists of frequently installed longitudinals and transverses.
Coverage is not included in the main complect but it may be added according to a customer wishes. Coverage is a modern special film 150mkm thick and 6m wide.

Greenhouse “Dachnaja-2DU”dimensions:
     width - 3m;
     height - 2m;
     length - 6m.

Greenhouse comes in 4 packages weighing in total less than 70kg.
1-st package – straight details and instructions: 1250x100x50mm.
2-nd package – arcs details: 1250x220x50mm.
3-rd package - ends details: 1000x100x50mm.
4-th package - clamps and accessories: 700x150x100mm.

Frame:   (220 EUR)
Price including a light stabilising film for greenhouses  (thickness 150mkn, 6x9m):   (256 EUR)